2018-03-12 Mastering ArduinoJson is now available as paperback
A paperback edition of Mastering ArduinoJson can now be purchased on lulu.com
2018-03-09 AtmoScan
AtmoScan is a multisensor device aimed at monitoring indoor air quality.
2018-02-06 Social Stats Tracker Display with ESP8266
Becky Stern created an amazing project to keep track of her social stats
2018-02-02 New revision of "Mastering ArduinoJson"
I just published a new revision of book "Mastering ArduinoJson" to be in-sync with ArduinoJson 5.13
2018-01-19 ArduinoJson 5.13.0 is out!
The new version of ArduinoJson is out! It changes the rules of string duplication.
2017-12-17 JSON Parsing Tutorial
Nikhil Raghavendra wrote an excellent tutorial for ArduinoJson on ESP8266.
2017-12-16 TransLoc API on Particle Photon
The crazy project of an animated truck that shows when a shuttle arrives.
2017-12-11 ArduinoJson 5.12.0 is out!
The new version of ArduinoJson is out! It introduces a new syntax to change the default values.
2017-12-08 The book "Mastering ArduinoJson" out!
The long awaited book on ArduinoJson is finally out. Let's wee what's inside!
2017-11-18 ESP32 Weather Station by educ8s
Nick Koumaris (aka educ8s) created yet another amazing project using ArduinoJson.
2017-11-11 Wifi Controlled Rover
An amazing 3D-printed rover that can be controlled via Wifi thanks to ArduinoJson.
2017-11-07 New domain name
The new URL for this site is https://arduinojson.org/, please update your links and bookmarks
2017-10-16 New logo
ArduinoJson finally has its own logo. It's been created by a professional designer. I hope you'll like it!

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