This is the Assistant for ArduinoJson 6.17.2. Make sure the same version is installed on your computer.

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[[ step.label ]]

[[ currentStep.label ]]

Examples: OpenWeatherMap, Reddit



[[ inputError ]]
Input length: [[ inputJson.length ]] Prettify


[[ filterError ]]

Filtered input

Data structures [[ capacity.slots ]] Bytes needed to stores the JSON objects and arrays in memory
Strings [[ capacity.strings ]] Bytes needed to stores the strings in memory
Filter [[ capacity.filter ]] The parser temporarily stores some ignored keys; this is the size of the largest one.
Total (minimum) [[ capacity.minimum ]] Minimum capacity for the JsonDocument.
Total (recommended) [[ capacity.recommended ]] Including some slack in case the strings change, and rounded to a power of two

This is too big to fit in the RAM. See How to deserialize a very large document?

This may not fit in the RAM. Make sure there is enough free space.

See also: How to use external RAM on an ESP32?

Tweaks (advanced users only)
JsonDocument stores strings differently depending on their types. It stores const char* by pointer (which takes no extra space) and all other types by copy.
Check this box if you're only adding const char* values.
Same as above but for keys.
Uncheck this box if your program generates keys at runtime.
ArduinoJson detects duplicate strings to store only one copy, but you can tell the Assistant to include all strings.
You should uncheck this box if you used placeholders values (like XXXX) in the box above).
Same as above, but for keys instead of values.
You should check this box unless you know what you're doing.