Resets the JsonBuffer; size goes back to zero.

Allocated memory is freed in the case of a DynamicJsonBuffer.

This allows to reuse the JsonBuffer.


void clear();


StaticJsonBuffer<200> jb;

JsonObject& obj1 = jb.parseObject(json1);
// we can use obj1 here...

// now obj1 is dangling!!!

// ...but we can reuse the JsonBuffer
JsonObject& obj2 = jb.parseObject(json2);
Source of memory corruption

Once you called JsonBuffer::clear(), all the objects and arrays allocated in this buffer become invalid.

If you try to access such a reference (like the obj1 in the example above), you’re likely to crash your device or at least get very unexpected results.

Don’t try to keep the state of your application in a JsonObject, instead use custom structures.