This example shows how to deserialize a JSON document with ArduinoJson.

Source code

#include <ArduinoJson.h>

void setup() {
  // Initialize serial port
  while (!Serial) continue;

  // Allocate the JSON document
  // Inside the brackets, 200 is the capacity of the memory pool in bytes.
  // Don't forget to change this value to match your JSON document.
  // Use to compute the capacity.
  StaticJsonDocument<200> doc;

  // StaticJsonDocument<N> allocates memory on the stack, it can be
  // replaced by DynamicJsonDocument which allocates in the heap.
  // DynamicJsonDocument doc(200);

  // JSON input string.
  // Using a char[], as shown here, enables the "zero-copy" mode. This mode uses
  // the minimal amount of memory because the JsonDocument stores pointers to
  // the input buffer.
  // If you use another type of input, ArduinoJson must copy the strings from
  // the input to the JsonDocument, so you need to increase the capacity of the
  // JsonDocument.
  char json[] =

  // Deserialize the JSON document
  DeserializationError error = deserializeJson(doc, json);

  // Test if parsing succeeds.
  if (error) {
    Serial.print(F("deserializeJson() failed: "));

  // Fetch values.
  // Most of the time, you can rely on the implicit casts.
  // In other case, you can do doc["time"].as<long>();
  const char* sensor = doc["sensor"];
  long time = doc["time"];
  double latitude = doc["data"][0];
  double longitude = doc["data"][1];

  // Print values.
  Serial.println(latitude, 6);
  Serial.println(longitude, 6);

void loop() {
  // not used in this example

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Mastering ArduinoJson

The chapter “Deserialize with ArduinoJson” of Mastering ArduinoJson is a tutorial on deserialization. Among other things, it shows how to parse the response from GitHub’s API.

The chapter “Case Studies” dissects several projects that implement the best practices. For example, it shows how to write a program that recursively prints all the values in a JSON document.

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