Removed in ArduinoJson 6.20: use JsonObject::operator[] instead.


JsonObject::getOrAddMember() gets the value associated with the specified key, or creates it if it doesn’t exist.

If the JsonObject is null, this function does nothing.

Instead of this function, you can use JsonObject::operator[] which offers a more intuitive syntax.


JsonVariant getOrAddMember(char* key) const;
JsonVariant getOrAddMember(const char* key) const;
JsonVariant getOrAddMember(const __FlashStringHelper* key) const;

JsonVariant getOrAddMember(const String& key) const;
JsonVariant getOrAddMember(const std::string& key) const;
JsonVariant getOrAddMember(std::string_view key) const;  // 🆕 (added in 6.18.1)


key: the key of the value in the object.

As usual, ArduinoJson makes a copy of the key in the JsonDocument, except if it’s a const char*.

String duplication

ArduinoJson makes a copy of the string when you call this function with one of the following types:

This duplication consumes some space in the JsonDocument; don’t forget to increase its capacity accordingly.

Return value

If the key is already present in the object, this function returns JsonVariant that points to the associated value.

If the key is not present in the object, this function adds a new value in the object and returns a JsonVariant that points to this value.

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