JsonVariant::createNestedObject() adds a new object as a child of the JsonVariant. This function reproduces JsonArray::createNestedObject() or JsonObject::createNestedObject() depending on the argument.

The call is ignored of the JsonVariant is incompatible with the operation. For example, if you call JsonVariant::createNestedObject() without argument on a JsonVariant that contains an object, the function does nothing.


// similar to JsonArray::createNestedObject()
JsonObject createNestedObject() const;

// similar to JsonObject::createNestedObject()
JsonObject createNestedObject(const char* key) const;
JsonObject createNestedObject(char* key) const;
JsonObject createNestedObject(const String& key) const;
JsonObject createNestedObject(const std::string& key) const;
JsonObject createNestedObject(std::string_view key) const;  // 🆕 (added in 6.18.1)
JsonObject createNestedObject(const __FlashStringHelper* key) const;

Return value

JsonArray::createNestedObject() returns a reference to the new object.

You can check JsonObject::isNull() to verify that the allocation succeeded.

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