Gets the value at the specified index.


bool            get<bool>           (size_t index) const;
const char*     get<const char*>    (size_t index) const;
const char*     get<char*>          (size_t index) const;
double          get<double>         (size_t index) const;
float           get<float>          (size_t index) const;
signed char     get<signed char>    (size_t index) const;
signed int      get<signed int>     (size_t index) const;
signed long     get<signed long>    (size_t index) const;
signed short    get<signed short>   (size_t index) const;
unsigned char   get<unsigned char>  (size_t index) const;
unsigned int    get<unsigned int>   (size_t index) const;
unsigned long   get<unsigned long>  (size_t index) const;
unsigned short  get<unsigned short> (size_t index) const;
JsonVariant     get<JsonVariant>    (size_t index) const;
std::string     get<std::string>    (size_t index) const;
String          get<String>         (size_t index) const;


index: the index of the value in the array.

T: the type of the value.

Return value

The value at the specified index. This can be a JsonVariant or a value of type T.

Returns a value whose type matches the template parameter T.

In the case of an error (index out of range or incompatible type), the default value for the type T is returned:

  • 0 for an integer
  • 0.0 for a double
  • NULL for a char*
  • etc.


char json[] = "[1,3.14]";
StaticJsonBuffer<256> jsonBuffer;
JsonArray& array = jsonBuffer.parseArray(json);
int value0 = array.get(0); // implicit cast of the JsonVariant
float value1 = array.get<float>(1); // template version of get()
const char* value2 = array.get(2); // returns NULL

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