A variable that can hold different type of values:

  • a boolean
  • a char, short, int or a long (signed or unsigned)
  • a string (const char*)
  • a reference to a JsonArray or JsonObject

A JsonVariant can be any of theses types at a time, but can only hold one value. Its type can change at run time.

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Mastering ArduinoJson

The book Mastering ArduinoJson is the best material to learn how to use ArduinoJson.

Chapter 5 explains how ArduinoJson works from the inside. For example, it dissects the class JsonVariant and explains how it works.

Chapter 7 presents new sample project and explains how they work. For example, the project “Recursive Analyzer” extracts the content of a JsonVariant recursively, i.e., it retrieves the content of all its children.